Thursday, October 30, 2008

Heroes, The Office, and Biggest Loser Need Retooling!

A quick rant... I have to admit that Heroes, The Office, and Biggest Loser are all a little disappointing this season. What the hell is going on over at NBC???

Heroes has too many damn characters to keep track of and the (now incessant) time traveling has gone from cool to very annoying. It's hard to develop traction and focus on a story when you have to bounce around between 50 different people in multiple time zones.

The Office has been become too sweet and girly. It focuses too much on romance instead of the bitter nastiness and jealousy that the British version played up. As I mentioned long ago, Michael needs someone to hate. In the British version, David Brent despised the younger, smarter, better looking Neal. Michael needs a Neal!

And this year's Biggest Loser contestants are: 1) Boring and 2) Not losing enough weight! If I had the chance to work out 24 hours a day at a state-of-the-art complex with trainers and nutritionists, I could sure as hell lose more than the 2-4 pounds these slackers are losing each week. Last year's contestants and results were far more entertaining and impressive. Not to sound sexist but there are too many women this season... And although a woman won last year's contest, women generally aren't capable of posting the huge weekly drops that a 300lb man can put up.


guh-bard said...

I have to agree with you regarding The Office and Loser (don't watch Heroes). Thankfully, last night's 30 Rock showed they haven't missed a beat.

Dolf said...

You are right. 30 Rock came out strong. Several good bits.

Actually The Office was very good too. And actually pretty mean-spirited.

All in all, a good night of comedy.

Anonymous said...

Have they eliminated the crying in Loser? The first season was ok with a tear being shed once in a while with the guys crying once per season. By the third season people were crying multiple times a week and the guys were balling like babies. I stopped watching it then and there.

Dolf said...

Still much crying! Last week was really bad. And it was a man no less!

Last year there was probably more crying from men than there was from the ladies. Of course, one dude did most of the crying for the male team!