Monday, October 06, 2008

Vista, Outlook 2007 and Photoshop Elements Are Garbage!

Sorry to keep harping on the same themes but never in my life could I have imagined how horrible the transition to a shiny new Dell XPS laptop running Windows Vista would be. You would think a dual core processor with 4Gigs of memory and a 256MB discreet graphics card would kick ass but instead it's been a freaking nightmare!

It's a cryin' shame that the two biggest software companies in the world can't put out decent products.

Errors are resolved then magically return. Constant crashes! Sloooooow performance. Navigating the interface of Vista and Office 2007 is like going on an Easter Egg hunt. It's maddening!

Once again my Windows Mobile 6.1 phone won't sync! Outlook 2007 is garbage. It is slower than ever and crashes constantly. Every single day I get errors about starting in safe mode and the outlookaddin crashing. It is truly unbelievable.

Photoshop Elements is no better. When it's not not allowing me to upload photos to Kodak, it's crashing on launch! The "crash upon launch" issue has haunted me across three different versions of the product on two different OS's! Ri-goddamn-diculous!

Is it time to go Apple or is it time to go Luddite? Vista has just about beaten me. I'm not sure I can follow through on my earlier promise of taming this miserable beast. The joke's been made a million times already but I am almost ready to scrap it all and upgrade to Windows XP.


wizzer said...

maybe you should stick to company protocol for ordering laptops :)

Dolf said...

The prodigal daughter returns! How's life away from Cardinal?

Are you telling me that a Microsoft Managed Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner can't support Vista nearly two years after its release??? No way! I don't believe you...

Maybe the Exchange upgrade will help with Outlook but it has nothing to do with all of the other issues. Microsoft and Adobe's latest and greatest needs to go through some serious QA testing! Rather than focus on performance of basic tasks they fill the programs full of crap. Ex: All of Adobe's advertising crap built in to Elements.