Friday, November 07, 2008

Dolf Rant / Completely Wireless iPod & Get A Life on DVD!

Why can't Apple (the supposed leaders in industrial design) lead a movement to eliminate wires from all computers and consumer electronics products??? Well... other than the power cord, I guess...

Nonetheless, when I first saw the new iMacs, I found it ridiculous that the ads prominently featured mouse and keyboard wires! Give me a break! C'mon Apple. Lead the way! I hate wires! No more WIRES! Sure there is an option for wireless but it should be standard by now!

Same goes for the iPod. I would buy a new iPod in a second if it came with wireless headphones and wireless sync, but for some reason Apple still hasn't done this. The gimmicky Touch does nothing for me at all. I am holding out for wireless. Right now I am considering the Logitech FreePulse wireless headphones. However you have to add a Bluetooth adapter to your iPod. Yet another battery to charge! If Apple would build Bluetooth into iPods this wouldn't be necessary.

And finally, it's getting near Christmas time again and I still don't see my favorite TV show of all time, "Get A Life", available in its entirety on DVD. I do not understand this. With all of the crap that's out on DVD, how come this brilliant cult classic hasn't been released after all of these years? It's yet another stupid move by stupid Sony. Release Chris Elliot's "Get A Life" complete series on DVD you morons! It would be a hit.

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