Saturday, November 22, 2008

Live Like A Suicide

This was bound to happen... Expect to hear about it for the next month or two. Most likely with a tie-in about how the death is somehow the fault of the Internet. We might even get a Lifetime movie out of this.

MIAMI — The message OMG popped up next to the live webcam broadcast of Abraham Biggs lying motionless on his bed, followed by LOL and "hahahah."

But Biggs, 19, wasn't joking.

The Broward College student took a lethal mixture of three drugs Wednesday and then blogged about it while a webcam broadcast his actions, including his death, as some computer users egged him on and others tried to talk him out of it. More...


Anonymous said...

The tragedy is not only that people watched, and did nothing, but that these drugs “caused” him to commit suicide - no one is reporting on these dangerous drugs - along with antidepressants - which write millions of prescriptions every year. Follow the money!

‘Making A Killing’
parts 1 to 10

Wrecking Machine said...

Sometimes the herd thins itself. One less drain on the economy.

Remember, kids, the circle of life always ends in death.