Wednesday, November 05, 2008

South Park And Obama Tonight!

It will be interesting to see how hard South Park takes on President-elect Obama tonight. Will they treat him like they do everyone else... which is horribly? Or will they play nice and handle him with kid gloves?

Comedians have commented that it will be very difficult to make fun of Obama because of race issues and the fact that all of Hollywood loves him. We'll see tonight what angle Parker and Stone take. It could be precedent setting... at least from a comedic standpoint.


parker stone basler said...

i almost took a slight bit of offense at the joke they made about obama's grandmother having faked her death. that was definitely a cheap shot, and it was funny in a horrible way.

Dolf said...

I definitely wasn't expecting an Oceans Eleven parody. I was disappointed. I wanted them to skewer both candidates.

I did think Randy Marsh's Obama-mania was hilarious. In particular his singing and random "Obama" insertions into the lyrics.