Monday, February 09, 2009

The Dolf Album / Track 3 / The Last Time I Go To Sleep

"The Last Time I Go To Sleep" is track 3 from The Dolf Album. In my opinion, this might be the best song of the bunch although upon hearing my music it seems everyone has a different favorite.

Download "The Last Time I Go To Sleep"! (Mp3 format with embedded album art and lyrics) For those that suck at the Internet, right click the link and chose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." depending upon which browser you use.
"The Last Time I Go To Sleep"
Words and Music by Dolf Muccillo
Copyright 2009

I know that this life won’t last forever
And I know it’s a 60... 70 year endeavor
But I think about wasting time

*The last time I go to sleep
The alarm won’t ever go off
The last time I go to sleep
That alarm won’t ever go off

Should I go crazy?
Or should I be a bible freak
The last time I go to sleep
All I’ll have are my dreams
That might not be so bad

I don’t know if there’s anywhere after this world
I can’t cry if there’s nowhere to go when I die
But I think about a wasted life


That may not be so bad, may not be, may not be so bad
But I think about the day I die



ritchie valens basler said...

my favorite song of yours, even though i made a parody of it by singing the "la bamba" chorus over it. still, i really like the way it switches to the A minor chord (?) when you sing, "so bad."

Dolf said...

Thanks Ritchie! You bastard!! I still think of that parody from time to time. I begrudgingly admit that it was pretty funny.

I guess I should be flattered. The "Wierd Al" treatment and I don't even have a record contract... Yet...