Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Dolf Album / Track 13 / World Still Spins

"World Still Spins" is track 13 from The Dolf Album. "Spins" is probably the oddest sounding of all my songs. It sounds the least like the others. Lyrically the song is a "What if?" take of real world events. Kind of a tribute to something (or someone) that never happened.

Download "World Still Spins" (Mp3 format with embedded album art and lyrics) For those that suck at the Internet, right click the link and chose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." depending upon which browser you use.

"World Still Spins"
Words and Music by Dolf Muccillo
Copyright 2009

She was a perfect little girl
But she f#cked up one night
And there’s a baby in the world

*But the world still spins

He wasn’t exactly a bundle of joy
You’ve taken away my youth
My precious baby boy


He always felt half, alone
When he could he left his home


Doesn’t go back much, two cards a year
Signed I love you very much
My sweet mother dear


Years keep passing, piling one on one
She stared straight into nothing
Good night I’m sorry son

*repeat 2x

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