Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Badda Bing!

Microsoft is ready to take on Google once again with a new and improved search engine called Bing. I checked it out and it looks pretty cool. Sleek UI and some high tech niceties (check out the video and image search in particular).

But all of the gloss in the world won't help if the results aren't good. My initial test queries seemed to deliver very good results. I'll post more on this later as I put Bing through some real world use.

I think there is a real chance for Microsoft (or someone else) to take some market share away from Google. I have been getting increasingly agitated by Google's rotten results of late. It seems the spammers are outwitting the algorithm more often that not.

Test Bing out and let me know what you think...


Wrecking Machine said...

I had hoped we could get past the ridiculous names for technology, but alas, we're still boned.


I can only imagine how long it takes for salespeople to stop snickering every time they say the name of the product they are trying to sell.

Dolf said...

However... "Bing" is one of those limited in quantity four letter words that is easy to remember and that even a moron can spell properly.

And they couldn't go with "Bang", "Bong", or "Bung"!!!!!!! For obvious reasons...

How is life away from the stresses and strains of consulting?!?! I was going to send you a tearful, heartfelt, and emotional email upon your departure but realized it would be WASTED on you! ;) However, I do wish you the best of luck. I am sure you will do well.