Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mmmm... New iPhone

The latest iPhone looks good enough to eat. There are so many cool new features it seems destined to completely conquer the home and enterprise markets in another year or two. This is not too hard to imagine when you consider the terrible phones competitors like Verizon are putting up against it. My current Verizon-provided Samsung i760 has already been replaced once for failing to sync. And now the replacement model's "End Call" button doesn't work. Nice... On the other hand, iPhones are now being used by the United States military because of its superior features and reliability.

As for the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform... It looks and feels like it is 10 years behind the iPhone OS. The mobile version of Internet Explorer is almost useless. I am getting by with the Opera 9.5 Beta which provides a good (not great) mobile browsing experience.

Hopefully the latest versions of the iPhone and the 3.0 update will light a fire under the rest of the industry to come up with better software and hardware.

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