Friday, July 17, 2009

Cincinnati Apple Store on a Thursday Morning

Last Thursday (July 9th) I ventured over to Kenwood Towne Centre to return an item to Foot Locker. As I made my way through the nearly empty mall I thought I would stop by the Apple Store to see if I could find a cool new accessory for my new iPhone 3GS.

When I walked into the store this is what I saw... Unbelievable! I would bet my life that there were more people in the Apple Store than in the entire rest of the mall.

The lesson? Build great stuff and they will come! If you combine innovation with reliability, you can't go wrong. More companies should pay heed to this simple lesson.

On a related note, maybe Apple should consider taking over the infamously troubled Kenwood Towne Place project and turning it into the world's largest Apple Store? I am getting really tired at looking at this unfinished monstrosity and the giant crane that hasn't moved an inch for about a year now! C'mon!

This is the view from my office. Actually, the crane and I have become good friends.

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