Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FiOptics Baby!

What do we want? A real competitor to Time Warner Cable! When do we want it? Now!

If Cincinnati Bell can roll it its new FiOptics service to most of Greater Cincinnati, Time Warner Cable is in trouble... Besides offering far greater download speeds of up to 30 MBPS, FiOptics also means legitimate non-satellite-based TV competition for Time Warner.

The party (and the monopoly) for Time Warner Cable will soon be over. They will actually have to compete for our business. I can't wait... Competition (not greed) is good.

If FiOptics is smart enough not to adopt Time Warner's moronic practice of unnecessarily copy protecting channels (CCI Byte) when the respective network does not require it, FiOptics will immediately get a swarm of Tivo users who want the full functionality of their boxes back.


llewellyn kermode said...

I'm getting this in less than a week. I can follow up if anyone is interested.

Dolf said...

LK, please come back and post your comments. Are you getting Internet AND TV? Or just Internet?

Either way, let us know how it goes.

Any chance you are using a Series 3 Tivo or a Tivo HD with this set up? Or will you use their DVR?

llewellyn kermode said...

Installed today, I got both TV and Internet. Both are great. The TV comes with a DVR and is working normally. The channels seem to switch a bit faster than TWC and the selection is the same.

The internet is nuts. Consistent 30Mbit/sec. A one gig file takes just around six minutes.

Highly recommended.

Dolf said...

Thanks LK! Sounds promising! Keep providing feedback. Let me know the goods and bads. It will probably be a long time before it's available in my area but it's just good to see that there is superfast Internet on the horizon AND that Time Warner will finally have some competition. Later, Dolf

Anonymous said...

Maybe Roadrunner will get smart and stop the cap on uploads and put an end to Bell forever. If Roadrunner gives me 30/30 I'll stay. Right now I have nothing from Bell and things are great. If you need phone service, just plug in a Magicjack or use your Cell/Smartphone.

Anonymous said...


Is your CCI set to 0x000 on your channels in the 500 range?

Dolf Muccillo / said...

"Is your CCI set to 0x000 on your channels in the 500 range?" I don't have FiOptics... Not available in my area. Go to the FiOptics page on Facebook and I bet they can answer that question for you.