Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Twitter v. Blogger?

I just realized that it has been a loooong time since I have posted anything to the Dolf Zone! Have I died? No... Am I lazy??? Kind of... It seems that I have been using Twitter as my main publishing outlet lately. It's fast and to the point. And although Blogger is certainly convenient, it can't beat Twitter when it comes to raw speed. If I have a particularly insightful thought, a review, or an idea, I can Tweet it within seconds. Blogger seems clunky in comparison.

To my millions of fans out there, I promise to post more content to the Dolf Zone in 2010. However, be sure to follow me on Twitter so you don't miss a thing. My Twitter page is at

Here are some of my tweets over the past couple months on Dolf Zone related topics.

The reason I don't buy or rent as many movies is that I have a Tivo filled with shows. Is there research on "The Tivo Effect" killing DVDs?

I'll say it again! The Kodak Gallery redesign is the Burj Dubai of User Interface / Usability disasters. Well, except maybe for

Finally watched Modern Family last night. After three episodes, I am very impressed. Extremely funny. Reminds me of Arrested Development...

For fans of WOXY / 97X... This app broadcasts live web stream & archives. The Future of Rock & Roll!

Saw a ton of movies the past 2 weeks, but no A's! Avatar, Public Enemy, The Hangover, SSSDS, and Adventureland all fell into "B" territory.

So basically the Christmas Day terror attempt has proven that our airport security has more holes than Swiss cheese in a shotgun factory... - Monday, the Museum Center! - Sunday, Newport Aquarium!

"Something, Something, Something, Dark Side" was just aight for me... A little lazy. "Road to the Multiverse" is the best FG of the year.

Catching up on some movies... "The Hangover" was ok but definitely not as funny as the hype machine leads you to believe. I give it a B-.

Although he's setting himself up for jokes like "I Can Tranform Ya (Into a Bloody Pulp)", Chris Brown's new single is undeniably catchy...

Getting Max started with Nintendo DS... Why do some games require 50 button presses to get started? JUST GO! Should have bought him a Touch. - Merry Christmas from the Muccillo's. Peace.

Is Barnes and Noble the only major retailer that doesn't match the prices on its *own* web site??? Just curious... And mad! ;)

BREAKING NEWS! There is currently no breaking news...

Bing for iPhone is very slick. So far, voice recognition works better than Google.

I just nominated MailChimp for the Best Internet Application Crunchie! Nominate here: #crunchies

Toyota Motors and Kings Toyota are back in my good graces and more importantly back on the Best of Dolf Zone list... ;)

Services that I love and highly recommend include MailChimp, YouSendIt,, and Google Analytics. All are free...

Dolf Zone Recommendation. ShopSavvy for iPhone (and Android) is a sweet shopping/barcode scanning app. And it's free...

I have been massively disappointed with's selection and prices over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales period. What up?

twitter & facebook are pretty cool on a 60" screen via Xbox 360!

Kodak Gallery joins as another BAD website redesign. Album Names are severely truncated or in some cases not even used!

Important enough to post again! A Halloween warning for those who let their pets go outside. Keep your pets inside!

A simple registry fix for the annoying PDF Preview glitch in Windows 7 64-bit w/ Outlook 2007.

Irony of all ironies... The only negative during my Win7 transition comes from Apple! iTunes migrations suck! Lost all of my app data!

So far I am loving Windows 7 64-bit! The migration from Vista was thankfully uneventful and surprisingly fast for a clean install.

"Where the Wild Things Are" was very good... I did have to get over the shock of one of the "wild things" being voiced by Tony Soprano! ;)

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit is now installed... Let the wild rumpus start...

iPhone Radio App on the way!

Just got my free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition signed by the one and only Steve Ballmer courtesy of the House Party promo.

Best.Flash_Application.Ever! I can't believe it's legal! ;) This scam would probably work at some businesses...

I guess my idea of Apple taking over the failed Kenwood Towne Place project isn't going to happen any time soon!

Kudos to #Toyota, #AT&T, #Tivo, and #Google for using Twitter as a *proactive* Customer Service tool. Reps from those companies called me!

Monster and Dice redesigned their Employer sites and both are truly awful! Worst.UI's.Ever. It hurts my head to use them. LinkedIn gets it!

Microsoft's Free AntiVirus Out Today...

Why isn't #AmazingRace in HD yet? #FamilyGuy has made billions but is still in SD... All primetime TV should be in HD by now! C'mon!

Seth MacFarlane now has 90 minutes of network, prime time programming...

Wondering if "Family Guy" will win for best comedy at tonight's Emmy Awards?

Best Buy just ripped off my "Better than life" catchphrase to describe a TV!

The death of summer brings forth life in the form of new TV. When one door closes, another opens.

A little tech-themed story that represents what is WRONG with EVERYTHING!

To say that I hate the new UI redesign with all of my heart and soul is a massive understatement...

The new Google Toolbar update has turned Firefox 3.5 into a slow, crashy mess! Too bad... I loved the new "New Tab" functionality. #Google

Massively fast Internet & TV coming to Cincinnati! Cincinnati Bell FiOptics Fiber Optic Network.

I have installed some OS's faster than today's iTunes 9 upgrade! Jeez!

Follow Cardinal SolutionsGroup @CardinalNow

My new favorite site... The People of Wal-Mart...

I *hate* it when people don't use the subject line in their emails. I also hate when people don't include the original message in replies.

Sunlight Pool / Coney Island could really benefit from using Twitter to blast out special deals when attendance is low on a particular day.

@SethMacFarlane You are a billionaire... So why isn't Family Guy in HD like The Simpsons?

HBO has done it again! They figured out how to get me to watch the Cincinnati Bengals. Just put them in a reality show! Hard Knocks rocks!

Million dollar idea for Apple and Amazon's downloads... The entire first episode of each and every season of a TV series should be free.

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