Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Sissyfication of America Part III / Best of DZ

In honor of Johnny Cash's birthday last week, I thought I would repost one of my "Sissyfication of America" articles. Have fun...

Many of you wondered why I posted several country music videos from YouTube in late February with no explanation. Some of you thought I was being lazy. Some of you probably thought that I actually enjoy tripe like Lonestar and Rascal Flatts.

The point of the videos was to show how the current state of country music reflects the ongoing "Sissyfication of America". Unfortunately the new country music is just one of many examples...

Country music used to be rough and ugly! Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr. and Willie Nelson are some good examples. Johnny Cash penned at least two songs about shooting his beloved! That's tough! And offensive... And that's good... Politically incorrect to the highest degree.

The old guard of country music sang about whiskey, cocaine, gun battles, and bar fights. They helped create America's tough guy image around the world.

Today, country music has been (mostly) overtaken by a bunch of Pepsi-drinking, Nascar-sponsored, pretty boy pansies who sing sissified, feeling-filled love songs. It's completely nauseating.

Compare Johnny Cash's brilliant "Delia's Gone" and "Cocaine Blues" to the garbage-fest that is "Bless the Broken Road". It's no wonder that the United States isn't as feared as it once was... We are quickly becoming an "Everyone gets a trophy, No score keeping, Let's sanitize everything to it's blandest possible form so no one gets offended, Too scared to say Merry Christmas" bunch of  wusses!

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