Sunday, May 16, 2010

April & May's Insights & Ramblings...

My ramblings and insights from Twitter... 

R.I.P. Steve Bolte... You were one of the most memorable, quirky and creative of the St X class of '86. A true character...

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Russell Crowe & Ridley Scott back together again! "Robin Hood" looks awesome.

Vote to give this idea 25K: Prevent homeless kittens in Cincinnati through Project Kitty Litter #pepsirefresh

NPR: With Shift To Web, Microsoft's Future Turns 'Cloudy'-More at

Congrats to the GCITA 4.5/5.0 World Champions!

Drill baby! Drill?


B&N's Nook e-reader has to have one of the most *deceptive* logos ever! They really must want you to believe it's full color. It's not...

@teenagesleuth Congrats on 150! B&S was a great episode. One of my favorites of the series.

@teenagesleuth P.S. I predict Emmy!

Why has Hollywood not made a *big* MLK movie? For God's sake, Seabiscuit got a movie! It's been over 40 years since his death. Get moving!

Only five episodes left of Lost! Will Sawyer get in one more SOB???

Only in America! At your friendly neighborhood Kroger, "Purchase five Healthy Choice Entrees and get a 48 oz Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream free."

"The Life & Times of Tim" on HBO is the funniest show no one *ever* talks about! Watch it!

New iPhone? Gizmodo says yes. The dude who lost it is at the bottom of the sea by now.

Cardinal Solutions has been an Adobe Partner since 2004 & winner of 2 Adobe MAX Awards. We need LiveCycle & Flex stars to help us win more!

Today is my birthday! Give me stuff!

New Google Docs vs Office 2010! Who will win???

Cardinal Solutions just won the Adobe Solution Showcase in Washington, DC! Congratulations to everyone who made it happen!

Loving the Drive-By Truckers... It's cool seeing a good band with an R.E.M./alt-country vibe making it big.

Dear CBS: Why can't we just join "60 Minutes" already in progress? Week after week you wreak havoc on my DVR & my Sunday recordings!

Gratitude to Spartacus! The best show on TV. Not since season 1 of The Sopranos have I been so entertained. Can't wait for the finale! 

NYTimes: A Change at Apple Causes Trouble for Adobe

@biz Why doesn't Twitter have a *detailed user profile* like FB? One that would make it easy to find/follow co-workers? Classmates? Etc?

My new Canon SX210 & my iPad are both performing well! Delivered our recruiting presentation on the iPad for the 1st time today. Awesome!

The Harpers Point Kroger is one *hell* of a Kroger! It's huge!! But no wireless Internet? C'mon!

Cardinal Solutions has been an Adobe Partner since 2004. Winner of 2 Adobe MAX Awards. We need LiveCycle & Flex stars to help us win more!

Cardinal Solutions is one of very few Microsoft Managed Partners in the US! We are always interested in great SharePoint & .NET people.

According to UPS, my iPad is making its way from SHENZHEN, China... I will post my initial (and continued) impressions of it on Saturday.

Steve Jobs answered my email regarding Apple vs Google in the education market... Within one minute of asking!


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