Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Toyota Officially Removed from The Dolf Zone's Prestigious Best Brands List!

If you are interested in why Toyota, a once great brand, has been removed from the Dolf Zone's "Best Brands" list then please watch "Total Recall: The Toyota Story" on Wed, July 7th at 12am & 8pm EST on CNBC. It's quite sad. Toyota's insatiable quest to be the biggest car maker on the planet cost it the crown of being one of the best... http://bit.ly/toyotaTR

Unfortunately, I can personally attest to Toyota's break down in quality and reliability. I have had three separate power door lock failures on a four year old car - a 2006 Camry XLE. Ironically, the very reason I bought a Toyota was to avoid these annoying types of breakdowns! I think that defective power door locks are a safety hazard that should be subject to a recall. If you have experienced malfunctioning power locks on your Toyota please let me know.

Maybe some day Apple will make automobiles...  Steve Jobs would have never let this happen!

The Beginning of the Toyota Nightmare...

What Went Wrong...

Toyota's Reputation: Built on Toughness

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RedsFan83 said...

Thanks for the info. It's car buying time for me and I agree with you about not wanting to waste money on "annoying expenses" like power locks and windows at such an early stage. I guess Granny is right, "They just don't make'm like they used to." It's bad enough hearing about Toyota's acceleration problems. It looks like their problems run the gamut.