Thursday, September 06, 2012

AT&T LTE Finally!

Big news for people with AT&T "4G" service... LTE service is coming! Hopefully your city makes the cut. Thankfully, Cincinnati is on the list, meaning there is one less thing I'm mad about.

I have provided a text list for easy readability. If you prefer AT&T's inscrutable coverage map, it's available here:

The new markets:

o   Syracuse, NY
o   Bakersfield, CA
o   Modesto, CA
o   Omaha, NE
o   Anchorage, AK
o   Jacksonville, FL
o   Bridgeport, CT
o   Plus two market expansions: NYC-NJ, Washington D.C./Baltimore

LTE by the end of this year (2012): 

o   Albany, NY
o   Albuquerque, NM
o   Allentown, PA
o   Birmingham, AL
o   Boise, ID
o   Charleston, SC
o   Cincinnati, OH
o   Columbia, SC
o   Columbus, OH
o   Denver-Boulder, CO
o   Detroit, MI
o   El Paso, TX
o   Fayetteville, NC
o   Fort Myers, FL
o   Gary, IN
o   Grand Rapids, MI
o   Green Bay
o   Greenville, SC
o   Harrisburg, PA
o   Hartford, CT
o   Honolulu, HI
o   Knoxville, TN
o   Lancaster, PA
o   Little Rock, AR
o   Louisville, KY
o   Memphis, TN
o   Milwaukee, WI
o   Minneapolis, MN
o   Nashua, NH
o   New Haven, CT
o   Philadelphia, PA
o   Pittsburgh, PA
o   Portland, ME
o   Portland, OR
o   Providence, RI
o   Reading, PA
o   Rochester, NY
o   Sacramento, CA
o   Salinas-Seaside-Monterey, CA
o   Salt Lake City, UT
o   Seattle, WA
o   Toledo, OH
o   Tucson, AZ
o   Tulsa
o   Wilkes-Barre, PA
o   Wilmington, DE

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