Friday, September 07, 2012

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac - Suggestions / Complaints / Bugs

I recently made the switch from PC to Mac. Anyone who tells you that this process is easy and painless is a liar! One of the greatest challenges you will face is moving from Office 2010 (for PC) to Office 2011 (for Mac). Despite being a year "newer", Office 2011 feels like a big step backwards. This is particularly true if you live most of your life in Outlook, as I do.

Unfortunately help is not on the horizon. Microsoft has no plans to release a version of Office 2013 for Mac users.

I have created this post to serve as a living and breathing list of suggestions (and complaints) to the @OfficeforMac team. Please feel free to offer your own suggestions in the comments section. If I like your idea, I'll add it to the list. We can make a difference people! Change is coming! Children are the future!

Suggestions / Complaints / Bugs

1. Outlook - Include a full featured Signature Editor that supports images and text formatting. There is no excuse for the inexplicably hobbled "editor" that is currently in the product.

2. Outlook - Give Mac users the "Outlook Today" view featured in Outlook 2010. The Mac equivalent is nowhere near as good.

3. Outlook - Users need the "Insert" command when creating a Meeting. This is useful for attaching supporting documents to a meeting invite. Currently Mac users must drag documents from Finder into the Meeting window. Very inconvenient.

 More on the way...

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