Monday, June 22, 2015

SpeedShop for Fender Mustang

Since there are so many new Fender Mustang owners  (the guitar amplifier, not the guitar) out there, I thought I would mention this app again...

SpeedShop allows you to arrange your presets VERY quickly! Basically, you create a backup of your presets in Fuse. You load your backup into SpeedShop. Once there, you rearrange quickly via drag and drop. When you have everything perfect, you save the new backup file and restore it to your amp via Fuse.

Here's the link:

SpeedShop is 100% free!

This is only for Mac users. I believe there is something similar for Windows users. I will post a link to that once I track it down. Or else, hopefully someone else already knows what it is and can post it! ;)

"Speed Shop is a simple Mac app for working with backup files created by Fender FUSE for Fender Mustang and G-Dec series amps. It allows you to easily re-order the presets stored in a backup file much more quickly than currently possible with FUSE."

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