Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Agent Smith's "Virus" Speech

My favorite scene from The Matrix... I'm posting it here so I can quickly access it whenever I feel the urge to hear Agent Smith's brilliant speech.

And as my Twitter feed is filled every day with the horrible things humans do to each other, animals, and the planet, I'm beginning to think Agent Smith just might be right. Don't forget children, "Human beings are a disease." #RobotRevolution

Homo Horribiis – the Killer Ape

Like the house rat, this highly successful but destructive pest occurs in every country of the world. Bipedal, sparsely haired, omnivorous. Tends to gather in large, unsustainable numbers, mostly in an urban environment. Physically weak, but has well developed tool-using abilities. Our most aggressive mammal, it will attack without provocation, and is dangerous to all other species. Well known for its destruction of the environment and its tendency to kill large numbers of its own kind using highly sophisticated tools. Impossible to eradicate. Classified as Vermin. -- Bookey Peek

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