Tuesday, May 02, 2006

American Idol Song List and Preview

Tonight, the remaining contestants will sing 2 songs – one from the year of their birth one from this week’s Billboard’s Top 10 charts.

Here is an underground, unconfirmed and unofficial song lineup for tonight's AI!

* Paris - "Kiss" (Prince) and "Without You" (Mary J. Blige).

* Katherine - "Against All Odds" (Phil Collins) and "Black Horse & Cherry Tree" (KT Tunstall)

* Taylor - "Play that Funky Music" (Wild Cherry) and "Something" (The Beatles)

* Elliot - "On Broadway" (George Benson) and "Home" (Micheal Buble)

* Chris - "Renegade" (Styx) and "I Dare You" (Shinedown)

"Disaster in the Making" Award: Paris doing "Kiss". This cannot be good! NO way! No how!

"Should be Awesome" Award: Chris doing "Renegade". I loved this song as a yute. Chris will nail it and consequently reintroduce "Renegade" to a whole new generation of kids. I have always viewed this song as the less successful brother of "Bohemian Rhapsody". Not quite an all time classic, but still very good!

"I Couldn't Write A Funnier Sounding Headline if I Tried" Award: Goes to American Idol's web site for, "Pop Tarts presents American Idols Live Tour 2006". How soon do you think it will be before Simon, Randy and Paula have a toaster on their table???

The "Pop Tarts Tour" starts in July. See if it's coming to a city near you!


Wrecking Machine said...

I was wondering how long it would take Chris to do a Shinedown song, since he sounds almost identical to Shinedown's lead singer. I was suprised earlier in the season when he chose a Creed song instead of a Shinedown song.

J-Nel said...

There are several disasters in the making tonight and as we all know 'song selection' is crucial. Yes, 'Kiss' will be a disaster for Paris...I can already picture the flipped out hair, heavy make-up and purple from head to toe accented by gold jewelry. Taylor and Katherine's song selection scare me a bit too. Should be interesting on AI tonight!!!!

Thanks, D, for uncovering the song selections!

m. basler said...

dolf, have you been told that taylor looks like a silver haired, slimmer version of you? it's true.

Dolf said...

A couple people have said that. Max has said "daddy" several times when he has watched the show. Of course, he also says "daddy" when he sees the dad character on "The O.C.". You know, that one dude with the crazy eyebrows...

Dolf said...

I have actually gotten far more "You look like John Belushi" remarks than anyone else. Especially when I haven't shaved for a couple days... How very flattering.

In my thinner & younger days, I got a few "Charlie Sheens" and my favorite, "Richard Grieco".