Friday, March 20, 2009

The Dolf Album / Track 14 / Passed Out Again

"Passed Out Again" is track 14 from The Dolf Album. Just droppin' a little existential knowledge on all y'all... I like this particular tune quite a bit. I have always been found of the line, "Did God put me here just to watch these reruns." There is also an uptempo, dance/metal, NIN-like version of this song that I recorded with "Master T" as part of the band Hack. I will release that version in a few weeks.

Download "Passed Out Again" (Mp3 format with embedded album art and lyrics) For those that suck at the Internet, right click the link and chose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." depending upon which browser you use.

“Passed Out Again”
Words and Music by Dolf Muccillo
Copyright 2009

I contemplate just why I’m here
I watch the clock and I drink more beer
No answers yet but I’m feeling fine
Passed out again at a quarter till nine

*Passed out again at a quarter till nine
Don’t knock on my door don’t call me
I’m feeling fine.

Mostly pain with a little bit of fun.
Did god put me here just to watch these reruns?
Or to lay on the couch and sleep all day
Or to lie to you so I can get laid.


It can’t be love cause it don’t exist
It can’t be truth cause it’s just a myth
It can’t be faith cause I don’t believe
It can’t be you cause you always leave



Sir Michael Basler said...

Why the British accent?

Dolf said...

Why not? The British come over here and sing in American accents...