Friday, July 17, 2015

SONY HDTV Disaster / SONY Now on Dolf Zone's Do Not Buy List

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... Just take a look at my Sony HDTV's amazingly awful picture courtesy of a defective Optical Block (the most expensive part of the TV) that was never properly fixed despite a class action lawsuit. What words come to mind? Horrible picture quality? Sony TV's suck? Sony's Green Haze? Why won't Sony fix this obviously defective and VERY green picture? 

A class action lawsuit forced Sony to replace the original Optical Blocks. (Note: They had to be FORCED to fix their own defective TV's) This was supposed to rectify the horrible color and hazing. But as these pictures clearly demonstrate, Sony didn't fix anything. I was hoping my set would last until 4K OLED's fell in price, but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to deal with this awful color. 

Long ago, Sony was one of my favorite brands. After seeing how they treat their customers, and how they do not stand behind their products, I will never buy anything from Sony again. 

If you are thinking about a new TV, please stay away from any Sony product. Sony is on the Dolf Zone's "Do Not Buy" list. 

My Sony HDTV has a horrible green haze. Despite a class action lawsuit, they still haven't properly fixed the sets. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Family Carpet Cleaning (Kentucky) are Thieves! Do not let Richard Lance Smith or Forrest Smith into your home!

Family Carpet Cleaning (Kentucky) are Thieves! 

Do not let Richard Lance Smith or Forrest Smith into your home! They are wanted on felony theft warrants. 

If you know where they are, contact the Miami Township Police Dept at (513) 248-3721 and leave a message for Detective Terry Eschman. 

Just search around on Google and you will find multiple reports of thefts. For some reason, the police can't seem to stop them. 

Luckily my Nest DropCam caught them in full HD! 

Forrest Smith of Family Carpet Cleaning going through my wife's desk drawers. Forrest and his dad Richard Lance Smith not only stole from me but countless others. Despite overwhelming evidence, the police can't seem to do anything. Thanks to my videos they have been indicted on Felony Theft charges. They just have to be found! If you know where they are, contact the Miami Township Police Dept at (513) 248-3721 and leave a message for Detective Terry Eschman.

Richard Lance Smith and Forrest Smith of Family Carpet Cleaning. Robbery on May 9th. Caught by DropCam by Nest. If you know where they are, contact the Miami Township Police Dept at (513) 248-3721 and leave a message for Detective Terry Eschman.

Monday, June 22, 2015

SpeedShop for Fender Mustang

Since there are so many new Fender Mustang owners  (the guitar amplifier, not the guitar) out there, I thought I would mention this app again...

SpeedShop allows you to arrange your presets VERY quickly! Basically, you create a backup of your presets in Fuse. You load your backup into SpeedShop. Once there, you rearrange quickly via drag and drop. When you have everything perfect, you save the new backup file and restore it to your amp via Fuse.

Here's the link:

SpeedShop is 100% free!

This is only for Mac users. I believe there is something similar for Windows users. I will post a link to that once I track it down. Or else, hopefully someone else already knows what it is and can post it! ;)

"Speed Shop is a simple Mac app for working with backup files created by Fender FUSE for Fender Mustang and G-Dec series amps. It allows you to easily re-order the presets stored in a backup file much more quickly than currently possible with FUSE."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#DolfApproved TV Alert / Mr. Robot Premiere Gets an "A"

To say that I'm excited about Mr. Robot is an understatement. After taking in the first episode, I came away feeling like I did after I saw The Matrix.... totally and unexpectedly blown away.

Mr. Robot feels original but has some obvious influences. There are strands of Fight ClubBlack Mirror, and The Matrix in its DNA. People working in technology will especially like this show, although its appeal goes well beyond tech nerds.

There is a neverending stream of clever references to tech, business, movies, sports, and music. Targets include Steve Jobs, Maroon 5, Facebook, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, Blackberry, George W Bush, Lance Armstrong, Bill Cosby, Tom Brady, Josh Groban, child pornography, and Gnome Linux!

The acting is top notch and serves the writing well. Rami Malek has created a quirky, funny, and darkly disturbed character. I can't wait to see where he takes "Elliot" this season. Christian Slater swoops in, stirs up trouble, and pushes Malek's character to become part of "the project." The supporting cast is also strong, with the Maroon 5-loving "Ollie" providing many of the funniest scenes.

Mr. Robot is custom-made for Tivo. Be sure to freeze-frame whenever you see something interesting on screen. Case in point, check out the eHarmony dating profiles of Krista and "Michael" as interpreted by Elliot's mind.

If the rest of the season is as good as the debut, we have a classic in the making.

Mr. Robot's premiere episode "eps1.0_hellofriend" gets a solid "A" and is 100% #DolfApproved.

Dolf's Theory of Entertainment Relativity in action...

You can watch Mr Robot right now on USA: