Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Classic South Park...

Be sure to check out the latest episode of South Park ("The China Probrem") as soon as possible. It made me laugh out loud multiple times... which as you all know is a very rare feat! ;)

Without giving too much away "Probrem" expertly intertwines a plot about U.S./Chinese relations with the desecration of the Indiana Jones legacy. Dare to take a guess at what George Lucas (pictured above) is doing?

My only question is who sues first? George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, P.F. Changs or China????

South Park
continues to push the boundaries of allowable content on basic cable. If a show makes you feel as if it could be yanked off the air at any second, it must be doing something right! I fully expected the president of Comedy Central to break in live during the episode and inform me that South Park has finally gone too far and will be canceled.

South Park airs on Wednesdays at 10:00pm on Comedy Central with several repeats throughout the week. You can also watch it online for free at

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